Monday, June 10, 2013

Rachael & Joel {Orange County Wedding Photography}

First.... Dear Rachael and Joel, I'm sorry for taking so long to show off your beautiful wedding day. You put so much love and sweat and i'm sure, tears, into making it the most charming, wonderful day. Rachael, with all your homemade paper flowers and decor, those gorgeous bouquets! Wow! The painted signs, the bottles and books. So lovely. I am truly so thankful that you chose me to capture it and witness the love and fun, did I mention FUN!??, between the two of you, your family, and friends. So much personality and fun to go around. It was a blessing to be there! Thank you! I wish you guys all the happy years God has planned for you, as well as little feet, soon. ;) I hope that someday i'll see you guys again. Maybe you'll need photos in the future, or maybe i'll see you in a Starbucks near the beach, and we'll all be gray haired? Who knows but until then, God Bless you and keep you!!!! xoxo  photo 1-67.jpg  photo 2-66.jpg  photo 3-59.jpg  photo 4-59.jpg  photo 5-53.jpg  photo 6-52.jpg  photo 7-45.jpg  photo 8-42.jpg  photo 9-35.jpg  photo 10-31.jpg  photo 11-30.jpg  photo 12-26.jpg  photo 13-19.jpg  photo 14-17.jpg  photo 15-13.jpg  photo 17-14.jpg  photo 16-13.jpg  photo 18-11.jpg  photo 19-11.jpg  photo 20-11.jpg  photo 21-7.jpg  photo 22-7.jpg  photo 23-7.jpg  photo 24-5.jpg  photo 25-4.jpg  photo 26-7.jpg  photo 27-8.jpg  photo 28-3.jpg  photo 29-4.jpg  photo 30-3.jpg


Rachael Dievendorf June 13, 2013 at 12:15 PM  

Thank you so much for capturing our day!! I love every picture and they were well worth the wait!! Can't wait to have you capture more special moments in our lives!

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