Sunday, March 10, 2013

Borrowed Sweetness {Southern California Child Photographer}

Why "borrowed sweetness" you may be asking? When I think of my niece that's what comes to mind. Borrowed because I get to enjoy her and then return her, and sweetness, well take a look. She's super sweet and I cannot believe how fast she's growing. She lives a half a state away from us so we maybe see her once a year. This time I sort of planned to do a little photo shoot with her without telling anyone until the time came. So her two Aunties...myself and Aunt Suzy, borrowed her and off we went to a magical kingdom with fairy tale light. I had to do very little directing with this natural beauty. She's made for the camera I think! Dear Erika and Aunt Suzy, Ava and I enjoyed our time together and can't wait until next time! And as always, Suzy, you're the best assistant! We love you!  photo 1-62.jpg  photo 2-60.jpg  photo 3-54.jpg  photo 4-54.jpg  photo 5-47.jpg  photo 6-47.jpg  photo 7-40.jpg  photo 8-37.jpg


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