Friday, January 18, 2013

Chris and Rachel Steiman {Orange County Wedding Photographer}

I met Rachel and Chris one cold afternoon last Winter at a sweet little coffee shop in Big Bear to talk about their engagement and their future wedding date. Wayyyyy in the future wedding date.. a whole year! She was on the ball when it came to planning and I loved it! I got to see them a few months later to do their engagement session and we had tons of fun at different locations on the mountain. I honestly cannot believe that their wedding day came so fast. But it did and it was beautiful! The day was not without it's challenges, some i saw and I'm sure, many that I didn't see. But the biggest one on my mind was the threat of rain! Really!? C'mon!! But guess what, rain never came. It sure did threaten to though. The sky was gray and moist but not one drop of rain fell on their beautiful day. I loved the hustle of the day. The fun bridal party girls were full of energy and spunk. (girls, don't be mad at me for the funny faces! I couldn't resist sharing your spirit!) The guys were cool and calm, just hanging out for the day to start. We tried not to get ran over by some impatient city drivers who really didn't like us in the street. But we had to get the shot! And we did. I loved Rachel's Dad. He disliked his photo taken and I really enjoyed catching him off guard. It was like a friendly game of cat and mouse. He was a good sport about it. I was enchanted with the small and charming grounds of the French Estate in Orange County. There were little bits of love in the details all over. And Rachel and her team really did a beautiful job of making those small things important. So pretty! So with a huge thanks to the Steimans for being patient with me over the Holiday craziness, and without further adieu.... here is your sneak peek! Love you guys!  photo 14-14_zps964406e1.jpg  photo 11-27_zps37bd4471.jpg  photo 13-17_zps7d9b69d9.jpg  photo 12-23_zpsa50c138f.jpg  photo 17-12_zps3bb72063.jpg  photo 20-9_zps724c1fdd.jpg  photo 10-27_zps1e696498.jpg  photo 9-31_zps09d9725e.jpg  photo 21-7_zps18d59aaa.jpg  photo 3-52_zps5d07a0ce.jpg  photo 2-59_zps6d894da8.jpg  photo 1-61_zps63a5e5f8.jpg  photo 8-35_zps925fe78c.jpg  photo 23-7_zpsdb278f25.jpg  photo 22-7_zps4b5fc571.jpg  photo 7-38_zps8ec656c5.jpg  photo 6-45_zps0616f87c.jpg  photo 16-10_zps9dadd4a7.jpg  photo 15-10_zps1f0876a1.jpg  photo 18-8_zps7cf2f55e.jpg  photo 4-52_zps876e4e99.jpg  photo 5-45_zps0ae7ec9b.jpg  photo 19-9_zpsa1d424ea.jpg  photo 24-5_zps47f648f6.jpg Vendors For This Wedding are: The French Estate Elegant Affairs Catering Wedding Flowers For Less Creative Cakes Big Bear Orange County The French Estate Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Photographer Boutique Vintage Wedding Photographer


Jennifer Warmbrodt January 18, 2013 at 7:02 PM  

Gorgeous as always, Rebecca!

Rachel Steiman January 19, 2013 at 12:46 PM  

Thank you Rebecca! They are absolutley beautiful! We love them!

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