Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Family's Lemonade Stand... {Southern California Photographer}

Lemons make me happy. Yellow is my favorite color and nothing says yellow quite like a lemon. There are so many things you can make with lemons and this time I decided to make my family session out of them. We did so much for this session and it was really fun. We even found the old wood on craigslist for my husband to make the lemonade stand with. It was so much fun that we shot the session twice. The first time my sweet friend Laura was going to take them for us but her lens needed to see the doctor. So the second time I went out with a Vello Wireless Remote and took the family photos myself. I have to say, I was really worried about doing that but it was REALLY fun! Every photographer should try it out on their own family atleast once. I learned a few tricks from doing this too.... I told the kids that for every smile and eye contact with the camera they got one jelly bean. This worked because they were a bit competitive to see who could get the most jelly beans. So each pose I'd run over and tally their scores and then we'd see who could do better the next time. Then I learned that imperfections of my own family photos feel really endearing. They are real and that's okay with me. I can't wait to put them on my walls. And last but not least I really suck at smiling for the camera for some reason. When I was a teenager I was queen of self portraits but now, not so much. I look really stiff when someone else takes them but a "little" less stiff when I have a remote in my hand and no one expects anything from me on the other side of that camera except me. It really took the pressure off so I could focus on my family. Ahhhh, sweet sigh. I love that i'll have these forever and I can't wait to get that flush mount album I ordered. I'll have to post a photo of that too! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our lemonade stand!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steampunk Wedding {Southern California Indie Wedding Photographer}

Once upon a time there was this really sweet Wedding Planner. She had ideas for a steampunk/victorian styled wedding that she wanted to create and she asked if I would do the photography. I had the chance of working at a beautiful wedding with her once before and so I knew that she had fabulous taste and the gift of a great imagination. So I said no. Just kidding! I said YES PLEASE! :) I LOVE shoots like this. Putting things together and dreaming up possibilities keeps me going, so we got straight to the planning. Everything came together so perfectly. The ideas, the models, the help, the location, the makeup, the flowers. I mean, I knew it would be great but I had no idea it would be this beautiful. The models, Ami-Rose and Jared are so stinking cute too, and yes, married in real life. I had a blast with the two of them. I wonder if I can talk them into another shoot someday? :) And I can't thank enough, the owners of the beautiful historic Morey Mansion in Redlands, CA for allowing us to use their property. What a gift that was! A Day Remembered Wedding Planning KM FLoral Design Makeup by Elena Aguirre Big Bear Lake Arrowhead Redlands Morey Mansion Venue Southern California Indie Steampunk Wedding Photographer Engagement Photos Photo

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