Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Ava turns the big FIVE... {Big Bear Lake Photographer}

My sweet Ava Lacey turned 5 in July. I am overwhelmed with the joy she brings me everyday. I love to watch life and wonder unfold in her. To be honest though, the thought of her growing older and well, more independent, is a bit sad to me. I don't think i'm the only mommy who feels that way. I hope not anyway. I told her that she wasn't allowed to get older than four... she didn't listen. And not only that but she is so excited to grow older that the day after her fourth party she was already planning her fifth birthday party. Down to the guest list and decorations. She is so funny! I guess I'll let her get older. I don't have a choice do I? And I know i'm going to enjoy it anyhow. Every year is a new adventure with a more well-rounded, beautiful little person. I am so blessed. And so thankful that God gave her to us. And even though I do enjoy these little years I also daydream of the day when I see her married and hold her first baby (among other milestones I get to share with her). So for this shoot I wanted to capture a bit of her spirit. I hope to have these when I'm old and gray and to be able to recall all the little things that made her sparkle at five. Like when she concentrates or thinks something is silly she sticks out her tongue. Glad I caught that on camera. Or when she puts on that lavender dress she instantly feels so beautiful you can see it in the way she carries herself. Or when she finds a flower to pick she is so determined. You can't tell her she can't do something, she won't believe you. She "knows" she can. I love that about her. In our house we tell her she is "small but mighty". She now says that to her brother when he challenges her with something. So funny. Her voice is so small and sweet but get her excited and you've never heard anything so squeaky! It's amazing how much squeak she produces. lol! Her legs are so little but she moves them so fast it's hard for anyone to keep up, and she runs almost everywhere she goes. Her husband will need a power chair to keep up with her when she's shopping. She is so independent yet she'll want to have cuddle time with me every night. She loves to dress pretty but also loves the dirt. I enjoy dressing her so much and I would usually be a panic mess about her getting stains on her nice clothes. (they are so expensive these days!) But I've realized that my enjoying how she's dressed isn't her fault. I need to let her get dirty and if that means wrecking her clothes so she has fun and I can still enjoy her cuteness then so be it! She's only little once. Anyway, if you've made it this far thank you for sticking around and listening to my mommy ramblings. Her and big brother are really what this is all about for me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tehya Turns ONE {Big Bear Lake Photographer}

Sweet little Tehya came to visit me for her one year old cake smash a few weeks ago with her mommy and big sisters. She's the cutest, petite, little girl ever. She's also the most mobile one year old I think I've ever met. We tried everything to keep her in one place but most attempts just reminded us that keeping a little one still is next to impossible. The cake part was a bit more tricky but we managed to keep her interested for just long enough. She's a lucky little one because her big sisters are really super sweet. Growing up with them will be tons of fun. Thank you M family!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Orange County Beach Family {Big Bear Lake Arrowhead Photographer}

I was so excited to hear from Erika a few months ago when she called about a family session that she and her Mom really wanted to gift to Dad. I had shot her wedding last September and I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from my clients again. I really feel blessed to get to know them after a few sessions. ;) This time I drove down to their neck of the land for a beach session. Admittedly, I really felt out of my comfort zone at the beach. It's a whole other beast when it comes to settings and light etc. We shot really late too so I had that ISO cranked high for some of them. And even though it was overcast for most of the shoot it was really so beautiful and really nice to change up my normal scenery too. They told me that they had gone a whole different direction with their clothing choices but I had no idea they would look this cool until I saw them. Dad is a fashion guru and helped everyone work it all out. What a perfect combo. Thank you so much E family for inviting me out and trusting me, again, to capture your family. I really enjoyed your energy and your company... and your clothing! ;) xoxo {Stay tuned for Erika's Cinderella Couture (aka trash the dress) session in a week or so!}

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