Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Patch {Big Bear Lake Arrowhead Photography}

Our favorite pumpkin patch is just down the mountain, set against the hillside and tucked away in a quaint little neighborhood. It's quiet and friendly and feels like home. You could literally bring a book, sit on a haystack and they would welcome you like an old friend. There is fresh honey, squash, and as many pumpkins to choose from as you would ever need. The air is thick with the smell of Fall and... well, farm animals too. :) My kiddos love going here and I love caputuring them making the memories they'll someday cherish. We told Ava that she could have as big a pumpkin as she could carry and of course she went and found the biggest pumpkin and gave it a try. Connor loved the horseback ride more then anything which was a big deal for him since he really doesn't care much for animals. And I learned that taking a family photo with the timer and my camera set up on a wheelbarrow just isn't easy. But I got an imperfect one, that is perfectly us. If you have never been and live close enough, you've got to check out Greenspot Farms on Hwy. 38. It's beautiful!


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