Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fifty Two on Fridays {Week 38} Ruffles

Repurposed Ruffles! I love making my daughter clothes and finally figured out that I could actually use her small clothes for making new stuff. I loved the soft netting material of this Baby LuLu dress and didn't want to part with it so instead I chopped it up and made a whole new set. I put the buttons from the dress as well as some of the ruffling on a plain white tank top from Old Navy, cut and folded the body of the dress over, put in some elastic and voila! Repurposed ruffles, so fun!
Here is the life it had....

and here is it's new life, happily adorning a spunky four year old....

and this is because it's just so her, this child can sing the abc's in every which way imaginable. All. Day. Long. And I love it!

If you like Ava's headband it's from Little Diva Boutique on Etsy

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fifty Two on Fridays {Week 38} Vintage

My vintage Bride and Groom, seen through a vintage window. What could be more vintage? Vintage anything makes my heart smile.

here is a little more of them...

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fifty Two on Fridays {Week 37} Dessert

This is the kind of desserts I'm loving these days....

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Stargazin'... Big Bear Photography

A friend of mine bought me the most beautiful boquet of flowers to thank me for being sweet. :) It's proof that I have sweetness in me! lol! Stargazer Lilies are one of my favorite flowers so before they died I had to commemorate them in photos forever. It's glorious what God has done. Ahhhh, I can just about smell them.

Fluffy Tuffies {Big Bear Lake Arrowhead Photography}

Have you ever seen tutu dresses so beautiful??? Neither have I until I saw these. Nicky of Fluffy Tuffies puts a ton of thought, detail, and a million yards of tulle into these dresses. We set up a photoshoot for them and took the girls out and you could see their whole demeanor change as soon as they put them on. They were transformed instantly into princesses dancing around in a beautiful land. I can just imagine a little flower girl coming down the aisle in one of these. Stunning.
If you would like to check out the store you can visit it at this link
Fluffy Tuffies Tutu Dresses {The store is being reorganized so don't worry, if you want one just shoot her an email}

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Indie Weddings - SoCal Photog Shoot Out

Last week I joined a bunch of other photographers from around SoCal for a beautiful wedding shootout in Laguna Beach. It was so much fun and the people behind it always do such a great job of finding venues, vendors, and models. And they even feed us. Score.
This time I knew I had to reserve a spot because it was vintage styling which is where my heart is. Here is what I saw through my lenses that day....

SoCal Photog ShootOut

~ For Models: Heather Skelton
~ For Venue: Kaylee Sizemore

Diego Ortega - Lead Hairstylist
Tricia Parker & Heather Renee

Jennette Pulecio - Lead MUA
Lauren Breedon​m  
Mellissa Gonterman

Venue:  Hotel Laguna http://www.hotellaguna.comDresses:  Carino Bridal  
Decor/Flowers:  The Tangled Vine
Cake:  Itty Bitty Sweets
Venue furniture: This & That Vintage Rentals  
Venue furniture: The Tangled Vine  

{ Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Southern California, Orange County, Wedding, Photography, photos, photographer }

Fifty Two on Fridays {Week 36} Laughter

Laughter is good for the spirit. Have you ever caught yourself laughing un-gaurded and it felt just a little awkward, good but awkward? I have. I think it's because with all our worries and daily mundane tasks, we forget to find the joy. It's good to be like little children and laugh so unreserved. I think I'll practice that this week!
"A Joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22

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