Friday, June 10, 2011

An oasis in the desert.... {Antelope Valley Photography}

I shoot most of my sessions in the Antelope Valley so I have done my share of scouring the Joshua Tree dotted landscape for magical locations. Recently I had a session there and was a little nervous about finding just the right location for a special family and in my search for one I found Frances. Frances owns a beautiful ranch in the heart of the desert and when she offered that I could use it in exchange for photos of her and her handsome cowboy I was elated! I felt like a heaping load of blessing landed in my lap. We didn't spend much time shooting but in the 20 or so minutes I think I was able to capture some really sweet moments of them together, their gorgeous oasis, and their elderly (20 years old) horse. Thank you so much Frances for your generosity, I am blessed to have used your land and I am grateful to have met you as well! Here is just a little peek to tide you over until you get your package in the mail. xoxo
antelope valley ranch


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