Friday, May 28, 2010

BEGGIN my kids for a minute...... (Big Bear newborn, child, family, wedding, photographer)

And do I mean BEGGING! I had a sad night last week. There was no particular reason. I know it was just because I am a woman and there are times when we feel sad and there is no explanation. It's hard to be a woman! So to battle the blues I had to make something and one of my favorite things to do is make clothes for my daughter Ava. I know you'll snicker at what I'm about to tell you, and I get it, but I waited so long to have kids and having a daughter is I'm like that dog in the movie UP, it's talking and then all of sudden "SQUIRRRREL!!!", except for me it's "Hi, how are.."PINK!!!" and I'm gone! Okay so the snickering part comes when you find out that I ordered labels so that Ave could have her own clothing line. I know!!!! But it's sooooo fun!
Anyway, I begged the kids to go into the backyard today and take a few pics with me. They agreed, sort of. The sun was awful but I don't care, they are mine and any picture I can nab of them is priceless.

Connor is usually a smiley little guy but when I nabbed this face I instantly loved it! And the bottom right two pics, that was Ava when I told her she was done. I am guessing that is how she really felt. Bwahhahahaaha!

You can find the woven labels at

The parasols can be found HERE

The hair clip was made for me by a sweet Etsy maker, her shop is HERE

big bear custom child photographer

Big Bear newborn, child, family, wedding, photographer, southern california

Hat Winner!! {Big Bear Newborn, Child, Family, Wedding, Photographer)

Thank you everyone for playing!!! I had so much fun watching all the comments that I'm going to have to do another give away soon!

I also have to announce the winner early today because I have an appt. at 11am. Oops!
It's better early then late right? :)

Here is the number that was picked..

And the winner is

#33 Amy Lemaniak!!! Yay Amy!!!! Woot Woot!

Please email me and send me your address...


Here is the talented maker's shop....

Big Bear Newborn, Child, Family, Wedding, Photographer

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photographer Contest!!! Big Bear Lake Photographer, Newborn, Children, Wedding, Families

This contest is for photographers.
I found an amazingly talented hat maker and I want to share her talent with you! This is one of my favorite hats in my collection. It's got sweet tree leaves all over it! Summer is here and I can't wait to take a newborn outside with this hat. Soooo precious. The one you will win is a slightly lighter green and is brand new.
All you have to do is leave a comment and then on Friday at 1pm I'll randomly pick the comment that wins the hat! Easy peasy!!


The talented hat maker can be found HERE

Big Bear Lake Photographer, Newborn, Children, Wedding, Families

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photographer Workshop


UPDATE: 5/23/10 I had my email wrong so if you've previously emailed me I am sooo sorrry! Please email me with your questions again at either or

What: A natural light photography workshop specifically focusing on newborn photography. We will go through pre-consult with parents, forms and information useful to preparing your clients for their session, session set-up and flow, gain confidence in baby-handling, location shooting, and photoshop tips and tricks.

When: August 14-15th, 2010'
Where: Big Bear Lake, CA

Saturday 10am - we will meet at my home studio, go through pre-consults and great ways to communicate with your clients during the session. We will also set up a newborn session from scratch so that you learn a good flow and and organization. You will also learn about the items that I feel are necessary for a newborn session.

Our first newborn session is from 11-1p
Lunch from 1-2pm
Our second Newborn from 2-4p
Our third newborn will be in studio and also at an outside location from 4-6p
Dinner at 7pm at a restaurant or we can order in and hang out!
Sunday at 10am we will go over photoshop and workflow and answer all the questions you may have.
If you want to stay later on Sunday you have a chance to shoot another newborn.
It will be so much fun and I can't wait to meet you!

Details: The workshop is limited to 5 photographers
You must already be in business and have a website or blog showing your work
You must have a firm understanding of shooting in manual and have a good understanding of exposure which includes being able to read your histogram.
You must live more then 100 miles (as the crow flies) from zip code 92315.
You can check the mileage at
The cost is $500 per person and includes lunch on Saturday. It also includes an awesome gift bag that will make you feel like a rockstar! Woot! :)

I can't wait to see you there!! If you have any questions please email me at

To sign up please send full payment to via paypal. You will receive a confirmation email and additional information in the mail.

Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Awesome Things From My Trip to Central Cali....

1. I got to meet up with my photographer friend, Janet, at her charming and gorgeous farm in the country side of Arroyo Grande. Ummmm, I have "location" envy! Every turn of every road provides gorgeous little pockets of light and wild growth that would compliment any portrait perfectly! Lucky Janet! And her farm, oh my! The tall golden grass that she and her husband grow is so pretty! We got to take some pictures of my kids and little sister. You can see her in action below in the red shirt taking a pic of Ava. I thought I would pee my pants when her spirited golden retriever ran through the field of grass and all you could see was the tall grass mowing over wildly! It was almost like a creature in a scary movie! Soooo Funny! Thank you so much Janet for having us over! I can't wait to hang out again!
(The picture of my sis in the bottom left...I had to include it since she is wearing the classic "Blackmon Snarl". It's all in the left upper lip, just raise it slightly and voila! I do it all the time and don't even know it! It's not a good thing, more like a family curse! LOL!)

2. My sister, Connor, my step-mom and I all thought we would take a nice little hike to some caves we found while exploring Avila beach. Little did we know that to get to the caves we'd have to traverse a NUDIE BEACH!!! Haha! Ya, umm, no. I could not take my 6 year old across that beach in good conscience so we went the other way and were surprised to find some tide pools and caves that satisfied us anyway. That was fun!

3. I FINALLY got some pictures of Nikon. She is our new pup. A mix of purebred Rottweiler and Purebred Victorian Bulldog. She's gorgeous and sooo loving! I took her to the vet today and the Doc said she'll be 80lbs or more. Well, we wanted a big dog so I guess we hit the jackpot!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cutest Kid contest winner....

In the beginning of the year I ran a Cutest Kid contest. It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing the involvement of all the parents, friends and families who rallied to support the kids with their votes. The winner of the contest was adorable little Abby. Her mama worked so hard and posted daily without fail to gain support and she must have a million people in her life because the amount of votes was staggering! So good job to Abby's mama and to all the dedicated people in her life! We had her mini-session a few weeks ago and it was tons of fun. Abby and her sister are little gems! We giggled a lot and played a lot and at the end we had a good old fashioned game of chase! So fun! Thanks E, M, Abby and Ella! It was so fun to see you again!
If the player chokes up please pause for a moment to let it continue buffering...

Monday, May 10, 2010

My new nephew Jacob....

Jacob was born on the 6th just after midnight. He is 4 weeks early and is having trouble breathing. His lungs are not fully developed and they think it could be another week before he's ready to come home. I got to see him this weekend on my trip to the AV. He's super sweet and it killed me to not be able to hold him and to see him in there with all those wires attached. I'm keeping him in my prayers and if you could say a prayer for him to that would be so awesome!

Shayla, Rhett, and Jack {Engaged}

These are three of my most favorite people in the world. I am so excited to be in their lives and so happy that I got to capture these images for them. They will look back on these in 50 years and smile for sure. I know I will. I couldn't even get through editing a sneak peek without crying a few times. That's how much they mean to me. I'm sooooo excited to shoot their wedding too!! Shayla, Rett, and Jacka-rooni..I love you! Enjoy your peek!

If the player gets choked up just pause it for a few moments to let it continue buffering....Enjoy!


Friday, May 7, 2010

The privilege of a Family session......

When I think of doing family sessions I first think of all the work. I'm not going to lie and say it's easy. It's just not. There are personalities and moods of kids and trying to get them to all look at you at the same time takes some planning, creativity and the complete resolve that you will no doubt be a nerd for the day. Let's face it, jumping around, yelling funny things, blowing kazoos and whistles, and playing countless games of "I'm gonnnnnnnna getcha!" can make you feel like a big ol' nerd. Lucky for me I don't mind that feeling at all, in fact it's probably what I'm most comfy with. Afterall, it's more fun! But after the thought of how much work it will be I'm overtaken with the priviledge of the task. The amount of planning and work will show in the portraits that will be with the family for always. I have the task of capturing a family at a special time in their journey together and that's an important job. I had the pleasure of spending time with the "T" family recently to do just that, and it was fun! We went to 3 locations with lots of furniture and we shot until the sun went down. It was truly a pleasure spending that time with you "T" family. I'm honored to be chosen to capture this time in your life! I hope that you enjoy your peek!

If the video player jokes up just pause it for a few seconds and let it continue buffering...Enjoy!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie Night on the Blog for E and Z's family!

Miss E and Z have family all over and their mama thought it would be nice if the family who are not nearby could also view their session video, I agree! I hope you all enjoy!
The video might start having hiccups, if this happens just press pause for about 30 seconds and let it keep streaming, then press play and it should be okay. If not just repeat that step again. :)

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