Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My first Cinderella Couture session....

Oh my goodness! I love these sessions. I even loved it through the wind, the rain, the freezing temps, and the inability to find that cool windmill that I scouted out the week before! It was a lot of work, the time went by way too fast and I wasn't sure how I felt about it right after the session...but when I got home and downloaded the files I was in love. SOOOOOO worth the work. Can I just tell you about my Cinderella? Wow. She hung in there through a day of uncertainty because it literally rained until about an hour before. She had to find a sitter and hang in the balance until we knew for sure that we were doing this. We were gung-ho and just went for it and I am thankful for her commitment to the project. It all worked out so perfect...except for the 53 degree temps that my bare-shouldered bride had to brave. But BRAVE she did, and with a smile. What a gal! I can't wait to show you her beautiful art! Thanks Morgan for your awesome-ness and willingness to be my Cinderella!


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