Monday, November 18, 2013

Emily & Daniel {Big Bear Lake Wedding Photographer}

It's been ages since I last blogged. I'm so sorry. I really feel the weight of neglecting so many wonderful weddings and sessions with so many wonderful people. I only wish that I could blog every one of them but for now I can only blog this one. Emily and Daniel are so special. Their love for the Lord, each other, their daughter, and their family and friends is so strong and beautiful. I loved getting to know Emily and spending this special day with her and Daniel. What a beautiful location! They got married at Whispering Pines Estates here in Big Bear on the first official day of Fall. The charm and sophistication of the venue along with the warmth and details that her sister Savannah and her family and friends added was top notch. Emily and Daniel, thank you for your patience in waiting to view your photos! I hope you love them! Blessings, Rebecca  photo 1-69.jpg  photo 2-69.jpg  photo 4-62.jpg  photo 3-62.jpg  photo 5-56.jpg  photo 6-55.jpg  photo 7-48.jpg  photo 8-45.jpg  photo 9-38.jpg  photo 10-34.jpg  photo 11-33.jpg  photo 12-29.jpg  photo 13-21.jpg  photo 14-19.jpg  photo 15-15.jpg  photo 16-15.jpg  photo 17-16.jpg  photo 18-13.jpg  photo 19-13.jpg  photo 21-9.jpg  photo 20-13.jpg  photo 22-9.jpg  photo 23-9.jpg  photo 24-7.jpg  photo 25-6.jpg  photo 26-9.jpg  photo 27-10.jpg  photo 28-5.jpg  photo 29-6.jpg

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Fun P Family {Big Bear Family Photographer}

I got to have so much fun with this family! They came from so far away to play with me. The boys were so well behaved and I hope they had as much fun as I did. I bought the retro couch especially for their session since I knew they were coming from Las Vegas and I wanted to find something extra memorable for them. It worked out perfect with their wardrobe. Mom is so beautiful and Dad is so charming... what a gorgeous couple!! Piloto Family... thank you so much for venturing out here into the woods for your family session! It was so fun getting to know you guys and I know it's far, but I do hope you'll come back again next time. Talk to you soon!! xoxo  photo 3-61.jpg  photo 2-68.jpg  photo blogboard1-2.jpg  photo 4-61.jpg  photo 5-55.jpg  photo 6-54.jpg  photo 7-47.jpg  photo 10-33.jpg  photo 8-44.jpg  photo 11-32.jpg  photo 12-28.jpg  photo 9-37.jpg

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ali+Gene {Inland Empire Wedding Photographer}

I love being a photographer. I love that I'm tossed into the lives of strangers because of their big changes in life. I have a sign above my front door that reads "Enter as strangers, leave as friends" and I couldn't say it any better then that when it comes to meeting my wedding clients. Ali came in as a stranger and left as my little sister. I'm keeping her and Gene and that's final! lol. I got to spend some time with her prior to her wedding for an extra special session and we just hit it off. We share some "strange to most, but not to us" things in common and that's always so refreshing to meet someone who gets you. ;) Their wedding day was so beautiful. It had it's hiccups. Like the flowers. They were pretty, plain, bunches of wildflowers, but not at all what she had ordered. Her mom used to tell her that her "good friends were like a bouquet of flowers, each one is unique and compliments the other". It was a beautiful morsel of wisdom in action this day as her friends pulled together and completely rearranged all the flowers to be what she had dreamed of. There was flower carnage everywhere as they steadily worked with the last bit of time they had to make them all beautiful. There was even one friend that was painting her MAC blush on the white tulips. It was genius! It looked so natural! They all really pulled through and it was super cool to witness. Good job girls! The venue was so dreamy with the tall groves of trees and natural landscape but it was a close call when just a few days before the wedding a major wildfire ripped through the area and came right up to the property line of the resort. Talk about a close call! Scary! It all worked out though. And even though the day had been shrouded in cloud cover, with the occasional peek-a-boo sun, it did finally come out just in time for us to grab some dreamy shots of them together after the ceremony. The smell of lavender, the little bags of coffee, the flip flops and blankets for the guests who needed comfy feet or got cold... no detail was passed up here. It was so gorgeous! I loved the cake too. It was so charming. Probably my favorite wedding cake yet. Their families were so lovely as well and I felt right at home with them. Especially her Grandpa. Hi Grandpa! It was nice to meet you! :) Ali and Gene, It was so fun to get to know you and spend your day with you. I'm looking forward to our next photographic adventures! See you soon! Now I'll let the photos do the talking! Thanks for stopping by to view my work!  photo 1-68.jpg  photo 3-60.jpg  photo 2-67.jpg  photo 5-54.jpg  photo 7-46.jpg  photo 4-60.jpg  photo 6-53.jpg  photo 9-36.jpg  photo 8-43.jpg  photo 10-32.jpg  photo 11-31.jpg  photo 12-27.jpg  photo 14-18.jpg  photo 13-20.jpg  photo 15-14.jpg  photo 18-12.jpg  photo 16-14.jpg  photo 17-15.jpg  photo 19-12.jpg  photo 20-12.jpg  photo 21-8.jpg  photo 22-8.jpg  photo 23-8.jpg  photo 24-6.jpg  photo 25-5.jpg  photo 26-8.jpg  photo 27-9.jpg  photo 28-4.jpg  photo 30-4.jpg  photo 29-5.jpg  photo 31-2.jpg  photo 35.jpg  photo 32-2.jpg  photo 33-2.jpg  photo 34-1.jpg  photo 36-1.jpg Venue: Highland Springs Resort :Wedding Planner: A Day Remembered Inland Empire Wedding Photographer Highland Springs Resort Wedding Photography Boutique Weddding Photos Vintage Style Wedding Photos

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